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How the black turtleneck came to represent creative genius

When the disgraced health entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes was indicted on fraud charges for her lab-testing company Theranos last year, much of the media discussion rested not on her alleged corporate recklessness and staggering abuses of trust, but on her sartorial choices: black jackets, black slacks, and -- most importantly -- black turtlenecks.

14th, October 2019, 10:35pm

Ronan Farrow says National Enquirer shredded Trump-related documents

According to Ronan Farrow's new book, The National Enquirer's top editor directed staffers to shred documents when the Wall Street Journal called for comment before publishing the first story about the Enquirer's "catch and kill" relationship with Donald Trump.

14th, October 2019, 10:34pm

20 delicious reasons to visit Pakistan

With the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enjoying a five-day tour of Pakistan this week, royal watchers have shifted their gaze to the region.

14th, October 2019, 10:11pm

We need the real story of why Trump sold out the Kurds

What was President Donald Trump thinking when he abruptly announced that he had agreed to reverse years of US policy in Syria and withdraw American forces, clearing the way for Turkey to launch an attack on what had been loyal US allies, handing a long-sought victory to America's foes, including Iran and Russia

14th, October 2019, 07:48pm

Trump approves harsh new sanctions on Turkey

Facing scathing criticism from Republican lawmakers and members of his own military, President Donald Trump on Monday was working toward applying harsh new sanctions on Turkey following its incursion into northern Syria. But even as he was preparing the economic punishment, a bipartisan group on Capitol Hill was finalizing their own sanctions, threatening to undermine the President's attempts at confronting the growing crisis.

14th, October 2019, 06:45pm
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